Thursday, 4 August 2011

3 + 1 Films about Downward Spiralling

I don't know why but the most amazing movies of the world are centered around this theme. It is definitely not the nicest topic but believe me, the following four pieces are worth seeing and will be memories for a lifetime.

1. Daisy Diamond (2007)

A Danish film about a 22-year-old single Mum trying beyond her power to survive alone with her baby. Trying hard to find work, trying hard to feed her child and to somehow stay afloat - until she loses all she is and commits something you would not understand would it not be for the movie which clearly and mercilessly shows how cruel life can be for someone with no other support but herself out in the cold world.

2. La Haine

Out of all these films this is the one most of my dear readers will know. The social and political questions the film raised almost a decade ago are still valid and alive, without any solution in sight.
There is no good or bad in this film. There is nobody to blame and yet everybody is. This is the downward spiralling of a whole society. "Hatred breeds hatred."

Jusqu'ici tout va bien... So far so good... so far so good...

3. Gegen die Wand (2004)

It is just not true any more that Germany produces no good films. This piece is among my all-time Top 5 films, true as it is, the director is originally Turkish.
A couple who are just as human as we all are, they make mistakes, commit crimes, fall victim of their uncontrolled emotions - and after all, we cannot blame them.

Beautiful love story that speaks of much more than love.

Prepare for a lot of passion.

+ 1 THE BEST FILM OF ALL TIMES: Lilja 4-ever

This is the film that EVERYBODY MUST SEE. No other film ever has haunted me for months like Lilja 4-ever did.
From the first moment on, when you see Lilja on the street while Rammstein is playing "Mein Herz brennt" in the background I have shivers all during the story. There is no better film in the world showing what really downward spiralling means, what it really means that when you think there is no way things can get worse, they do.

There are no words that can duly describe this piece of art. You have seen no Film in the capital letter-sense of the word until you have seen this.

Be grateful for the life you have.

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