Wednesday, 3 August 2011


We have come to the age when births and deaths happen at the same time. When some of our friends get married and you go to their wedding and when at the same time some of the people around you leave forever.

We have come to the age when love, life, beauty, loss, and death are there with us at every moment, they hold our hands and take us to new lands to discover, new sights to see and new messages to understand.

What kind of lives are we leading? Did we find what is important? Do we really see what matters or do we only see what is right there in front of us?

Keep the faith. We will all leave some day. A new journey comes where there will be no other holding our hands than death.

This pair of earrings is dedicated to a person who has just left this beautiful land and walked away. Peace be with you on your way.

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