Monday, 25 April 2011

Little fish

Last week at a small local market I discovered a lady selling minerals and many kinds of supplies a jewelry-maker needs. She is only there two days a week but we already had a short chat about what we are doing and how great it is I found her, from my point of view because she sells at lower prices and at the same time a bigger variety of minerals than what is available at dedicated shops.

The shell fragments I used at making this pair of earrings are also from her. The inspiration clearly came from the sea: the tiny fish, the color of the sea, and the shells in it.

Yesterday a young lady around 12-13 years old was hesitating when choosing an earring from my items and this little fish earring was also among her favourite ones but in the end she chose the "[...] don’t shine like your possessions do" earrings. I also see this extremely light pair as one made for a younger audience who can perfectly wear cute and funny pieces.

Swim little fish, swim!


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