Tuesday, 10 May 2011

3 Blogs to Read in May

1. Personal: Egy csepp falusi élet (Hungarian)

Life in the Hungarian countryside (about two steps from where I spend all my weekends) with all its ups and downs. Zsuzsa, the blogger posts frequently and in a lively manner just about everything from their animals to the fresh homemade cow- or goat-cheese she produces.

2. Crafts: Gata Valquira (Portuguese)

Never mind this blog is in Portuguese, just take a look at these wonderfully unique crochet jewelry pieces. Surely you have never seen anything such before. Could just be Alice in Wonderland!

3. Arts: Viajero y sevillista (Spanish)

Why not travel around the world? Or if you can't do that, why not travel around the world with the photos of Martin?

Photo by Martin Coché

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