Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Red ceramic beans

My friends have named this pair of earrings countless ways. It seems that the red ceramic pieces remind everybody of something - for some they look like beans.

Today I was at a small birthday party where I also took my treasury chest with me so some items have found their new home again (and this exact pair of earrings got some new names as well). This is lovely news especially considering that I kind of make up for the loss I had thanks to the rain that poured down on us on Sunday just as the fair started to get crowded with people.

But at the same time this means I need to get kick-started again and work on many new items for the next fair! I am not sure when it will take place as this weekend I cannot go to Káptalantóti but I will let you know here in case you would like to come and visit me or the marvellous market itself.

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