Thursday, 12 May 2011

Sister hoops

This is a guest post of my friend, Orsi.

What to write as a guest?
First of all I was never ever so sophisticated as the Author of this pretty blog. And when she asked me what to write about I said let's write about red-nailed-toes and sommer and sunshine. It's springtime! Sunshine. Happyness. Or something like that.
So am I allowed to write about anything I would like to if she let's me?
Probably YES!
And now? What is she doing? Stands on a chair in front of her wardrobe, thinking what to pack for the weekend AND instructing ME what to write! She also wants to review it. She doesn't know I will write about my red nails.
Actually it is nothing special. As usual. Red. Funny. Just like the earrings and necklaces she makes. The jewelleries I like sooo much. I already have two pair of them and the money I wanted to save for my holiday will be spent for a couple of new stuff. Earrings are the girls best friend!
Although my boyfreind left me last time on front of a bijou shop saying he will start to prepare the lunch for us, he understands my affection. He liked them pretty much on me. Why? Because it was so much me.

I have to finish. She said hurry up. We MUST go and EAT something.
Next time? There will be no next time once I publish it without her review. But never mind, she can write much better than me :)


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  1. Orsi, next time please ask the Author to add a photo on your red nails.